How to Flirt: 11 Tips for Success

For some people flirting is the most natural thing. Others find it rather a complicated task. But by knowing tips on how to flirt, you may reach a whole new fun level of life.

If you are shy or you haven’t been doing lots of catching up with the dating game then ‘flirting’ may be the infrequent word used in your vocabulary. But that doesn’t mean you should live the rest of your life being a stranger to flirting. Everyone can flirt. It’s about discovering the new options that life may present you. If you feel panic attacks just by imagining flirting with people then fear not, we have just the tips that may assist you in capping down all your fears regarding flirting, once and for all.

How to Flirt without Being Improper

1.    Make Eye Contact

Holding someone’s stare whom you find attractive, for like 5 seconds is the universal symbol of flirting. This tactic is just so effective, simple and easy. If you want to flirt with someone you will need to make at least 3 eye locking contacts before the other person actually catches the signals.

2.    Draw Attention

That’s what actually makes the flirting work. Ways of drawing attention may vary from gender to gender. Women can do some stroking of hair, enhancing of their posture, exposing  a bit or a lot of their neck, tilting of their hips or licking of lip to draw some attention. On the other hand men can hook around their fingers into the pants while standing or breathe deeply to make their chest look bigger.

3.    Primp Yourself Up

Make sure to present yourself in a cooler and calmer manner. Do not show any signs of hurry or panic. In fact, try to study your crush so that you can impress him/ her in their favorite manner.  

4.    Smile a Sweet Smile

Sweet flashing smiles can totally be used as an ideal flirt tactic; however, some people don’t really welcome it warmly. So use your smile along with some other body language techniques to send the positive and flirty signals.

5.    Use Body Language

Although the feeling of likeness may be mutual, but you have to give the opposite person the right signal at the right time. How to flirt? Give positive body language signals to the person you want to flirt with. Face the target and lean in your shoulder in their direction. You may also cross the legs towards your target. Crossing your arms is a big no-no! It will put an invisible sign over your head: ‘’not interested’’.

6.    Have Body Contact

Keep an open eye for opportunities of touching your target, such as shaking of hands as it mixes introduction with flirting. You can try tapping the arm of your target quite slightly while laughing or move them by the arm with gentleness while making your way. If touching isn’t in your comfort zone then you may mimic your target’s movements for a few seconds.

7.    Get Closer

The closer you get the better you can flirt. Try to put yourself in your target’s path without being obvious about your efforts. Like you may walk past your target’s table at work or you may turn up at places with your dog where your target usually comes for a jog. However don’t sweat it or your target will think of you as a ‘stalker’.

8.    Pay a Compliment

Another way to show interest in your target is by praising and appreciating them. Everyone enjoys being under the spotlight. This will serve as a colossal flirt tactic. Try being specific to make your compliments more personal rather than general. Don’t mouth the general lines like ‘hey, I think you’re pretty hot’. Choose to compliment the quality or specific thing you like in that person. Complimenting while drawing closer to your target in a lower voice will cast a powerful effect over them.

9.    Tease Lightly

Teasing may bring intimacy in between which is a good thing unless you’re only a giver and not a taker. You may tease your target by hypothesizing about him/her having a crush on the geography teacher. You may make an exaggerated and comprehended comment about your target’s muscles. You may tease your target about their appealing looks. Make sure not to get immensely personal while teasing, this might give an impression to your crush that you are insulting him/her.

10.   Hold a Little Mystery

How to flirt? Don’t babble on and on, and essentially do not make any gesture that would allow your target to get distracted or worst, bored. Try walking away to leave your target impatient to get more of you. Always leave an opening for the next time, draw closer as if you expect a kiss but then look away or turn around and say in your target’s ear that you had a great time.

11.  Text in the Right Way

While texting in the early stage, don’t coat the messages with heavy compliments linked with feelings. Keep your target rather uncertain about your feelings, which might make you more appealing to your target and will give you a mysterious edge. This is necessary because you don’t want your crush to wonder if you actually like them or not. It’s about leaving them confused regarding how much you actually like them. If you just turn yourself in and tell your target about what a huge crush you have on them or for how long you have been wanting them, will only take away your mysterious edge. Instead you can send your crush a message about how cute she/he looked today in the new attire.

Given below is the video where Jim Chapman adds humor to his tips on how to flirt:


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